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Atilla E. Pavlath
It is time for a change!

To make the ACS a better place,
equally for everyone,
from the youngest student
of chemistry,
to the most respected
Nobel Laureate.

NEW! As his term as president of the world's largest scientific society neared it's end, Dr. Pavlath reflected on challenges, opportunities, and leadership styles for the ACS publication Chemistry.

I conducted an electronic poll of ACS members who are chemists to identify what they value about their membership, whether or not they are satisfied, and what they need and expect into the future. Please take a moment to read the PDF executive summary of the poll.

You may also be interested in my play, "It is Time for a Change", an entertaining and hopefully thought provoking play for the 125th Anniversary of the American Chemical Society.

NEW! Please click here for the K-12 Science Education Report.

I NEED YOUR HELP URGENTLY. On November 16, 1999 I received a phone call from the chair of the Nomination and Election Committee that on January 1, 2001, I will have the duty to lead the world's largest scientific organization, as its President, into the 21st century. The members have spoken we must look ahead.We have many problems the magnitude of which kept increasing steadily while they were ignored, or downplayed during the years. I have received many responses to my statement in this election, agreeing with the need for a change, and asking about the specifics of the actual plans. I am ready to start the process, but I can not and mostly do not want to do it alone. Our problems are complex and interdependent. I emphasized in my previous comments repeatedly that only joint efforts by all segments of the Society can provide long lasting solutions. We must change our strategy and the way we carry it out. We can not afford the "business as usual" approach. This is the change what we must carry out.

There is no magic wand which can be waved to provide instant solutions. There is no one single action which can conveniently dissolve all the problems. We will always have problems, but the important point is that with concerted efforts we can improve the situation for everyone. There is no other way, we can not wait for the perfect solution, because no decision is already a decision and inaction can have great consequences. We have seen many examples of this during the past decades. The key is to arrive to a series of actions which will help everyone. A solution which is based on the problems and need of everyone in our profession. However, we must act expediently, we can not wait.

In my election statement I promised a "from the grassroots up approach". I expanded on this in my January 1, 2001 president's message in C&EN titled, " Welcome to the 21st Century". I would like to hear from you what you want from the Society and then build the programs within the capability of the Society to fulfill the wishes. No idea or suggestion will be left out of consideration. My firm belief is that everything is possible if we set collectively our mind at it. As the old saying goes: the difficult we do immediately, the impossibl will take some time. I am very optimistic that the tide is turning and the future of our profession and its practitioners from the youngest chemist to the most respected Nobel Laureate will be bright. Please, help to accomplish this.

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