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Atilla E. Pavlath
It is time for a change!

To make the ACS a better place,
equally for everyone,
from the youngest student
of chemistry,
to the most respected
Nobel Laureate.
Voices of the Grassroots
What Members Have to Say About Atilla.

"We have needed you as President of ACS for a long time. We need a profession which cares about what happens to the rank and file chemist. You are one of the very few who knows just what we need if we are to succeed as a profession. If you can't do something for chemists, no one can. I a mglad that you are willing to try!" D.B, California

" In all of that time I have agreed with and supported the many progressive proposals you set forth. I firmly believe that you advocate and will initiate programs overdue to be put into action. The time is right for a progressive movement within the Society and you are the person to bring it to fruition. "M.W., Orange County

"Throughout his accomplished career as a chemist, Attila Pavlath has shared his experience, expertise, and his boundless energy with the ACS, working always as an advocate for members' need. He has served in both elected and appointed governance at local and national levels,and he has represented the ACS and its members at local, national, and international professional meetings and conferences. He is uniquely qualified for the Presidency."  N.M., Michigan

"During my 24 years of active membership in the ACS, I have met and become familiar with many persons at the national level of our great organization. Of this cast of many, Attila Pavlath stands out as an individual that has continually shown a deep interest and concern for not only the best interests of the society, but also of the interests, needs, and concerns of the individual members. He has spent a great deal of his time to listen to these needs and concerns and then has been willing to take a stand on these issues,even when it was not popular at the national level. It is now time for us to support him in his efforts and in doing so support ourselves at the same time!"   D.W., Texas

"Attila has mentored me in ACS activities fore seen years, and I feel that he is an individual who is truly concerned about issues related to chemists, especially the younger chemists who will be the future of our profession."   B.B., Livermore

"In particular, I would like to acknowledge your early support of women chemists at the local section level. As long ago as the 1970s, you invited women members of the California Section to meet regularly with you to explore the issues that we believed were particularly important to us. I have continued to be impressed with your interest in ALL the members of the Society and in issues that may not be represented by the mainstream leadership of ACS." M.F. S., California

"The Chemical Enterprise is complex mosaic. The interacting issues in Chemistry involve education, employment, global marketing, manufacturing, information dissemination, professionalism, and governance. These are so intertwined in their linkages that few chemists see 'the Big Picture.' Attila does. All who've ever worked with him know his passion for improving the lot of individual chemists but few know that Attila also understands the individual's personal/professional well-being in the larger context of Chemistry's well-being." N.H.,Pennsylvania

"You are indeed a champion of the ACS Members. I have never known anyone who is so committed to their values and ideals. Your sacrifices for the ACS are never-ending. You are an inspiration to me and the many other members of the ACS who believe in professional ethics and values." A.N., Oklahoma

"Attila Pavlath has been a voice of the membership of the ACS for the past 20 years. He is a voice of reason rather than publicity." WKK, Pennsylvania

"No one has done more for the rank and file chemist than you. I witnessed your unrelenting, unselfish activities over the years." H.K., Cincinnati

"For many years you have been among the most dedicated people in the ACS governance structure. Your commitment to the well-being of our society is very clear to anyone who has been around the ACS for even a short time. " A New England supporter

"Personally I had always known, since we first met at the Local Chairman Elect meeting in 1982, that you were interested in the general welfare of the chemists within the ACS and especially in relation to full employment.In contrast I thought that many of the members were more interested in advancing Chemical Abstracts even at the expense of the employment of the chemist. This is the reason for my continuing but perhaps limited dialogue and support in relation to the ACS." J.W., Binghamton

"Just wanted to let you know how much some "grassrootsers" appreciate your lifelong fight for us all." F.L., Los Angeles

"During the 18 years that I have known Attila as a fellow councilor, he has constantly struggled to make the ACS more aware of and responsive to the needs of the members. He is exceptionally well qualified to lead now the ACS into the next century."   J.M., Michigan

"Over the past decades, Attila Pavlath's name has become synonymous with improvement of the professional well-being of chemists. One of the best ways to advance chemistry is by supporting chemists in their chosen profession, which is what Dr. Pavlath does best." D.B., Western Connecticut

"It was my pleasure to serve with Attila Pavlath on the ACS council over a twelve year period. I came to realize that there are few benevolent sponsors willing to look out for the chemist from graduation to the grave, I found that Attila and I were in step on the concern for the professional and economic welfare of our fellow chemist." M.C., Richland

"Over the years I have been impressed with your continuous consideration of the needs and wants of the members. I feel confident that our Society will benefit from the more"bottom up" style that you are bringing to the Presidency." F. D. B., South Central Missouri

"For many decades Attila has fought for the dignity of the profession. He has been a tireless activist and has stimulated and carried out many changes in the Society. He has always kept the Council well informed and has always sought the councilors' opinions. He is a communicator. I believe he will be a spectacular president " M.M.J., Pennsylvania

"Attila's long-term involvement with ACS can be summed up in a few words: "Exceptional service for ACS members." For as long as I've known Attila, he has always been involved with enhancing the quality of services to members. He also has the rare talent of keeping his finger on the pulse of his constituents."G.T., Alaska

"It is my great pleasure to give you my unqualified support in your Presidency and your goal to advance the professional well-being of our fellow ACS members. Nobody in the 30+ years I have been a member has worked as tirelessly and unselfishly." J.C., Colorado

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